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Faithful readers of Vivastgasse 7 may have noticed that we haven’t posted anything in a while now- the reasons are numerous, but it mostly boils down to the fact that two of us (Anton and I) are in the middle of resolving several quasi-bureaucratic/ quasi-academic things: Anton is right now in Ukraine, finishing up his thesis and busy planning his move to Paris in a couple of months for his first postdoc. I’m busy planning a move as well- off to Durham next month for five months. So both of us are sort of ‘out-of-commission’ right now. However, I do intend to post something soon (maybe this weekend?) either on schemes over the mysterious “field with one element” or better yet, an unpacking of our guest-blogger Sniggy Mahanta’s post on conformal field theories. (Thanks goes to AJ Tolland for pointing out some gross inaccuracies in that post!)

But here is the main reason for this (non-mathematical) post- to vent!

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