We are four PhD students at the Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics, Bonn working on (somewhat-related) areas of algebraic geometry and number theory. (Incidentally, for readers who are wondering about the title of this weblog, “Vivatsgasse 7” is our physical address.) We intend to post thoughts and comments on our research, notes from interesting lectures as well as random comments on the ongoings in the very interesting world of arithmetic algebraic geometry.

More about the bloggers (from left to right in the picture):

Abhijnan Rej (also known as Obi) works on combinatorial aspects of the theory of mixed Tate motives arising from quantum field theory. Of late he has also been obsessing about Arakelov theory. When he is not doing math, he is working on a small semi-ironic novel and incessantly complaining about German girls.

More on Obi’s research

Anton Mellit works on modular forms, algebraic cycles and special values of all sorts of functions. A native of Ukraine, ever since he got himself a motorcycle, he has been randomly spotted all over Europe. Known for saying: “Ok, so I’m a pyromaniac, just not that big a maniac…”

More on Anton’s research

Mehran Mehrdad works on modular forms (Connes-Moscovici theory) and multiple zeta values. He is Iranian which means he makes excellent cardamom tea; his chess-playing borders on obsessive. Goal in life: he wants to somebody to pay him just to play chess and drink tea.

More on Mehran’s research

Anders Kolvraa works on hyperbolic 3-manifolds and Bloch groups. Our resident Dane obsessively calculates with GP-Pari. He is interested in books and is known for eating at the student cafeteria almost everyday. His path to mathematics factors through philosophy and a brief career in IT.